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Our comprehensive live training sessions are designed as a practical hands-on guide to help you succeed. We make sure you’re equipped with the right knowledge and valuable skills necessary to become a fully fledged content creator, copywriter, social media manager or digital marketer. So if you are looking for a new career in any of these skills then look no further!

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Our virtual live training sessions provide you with bite-sized, affordable, and high-quality courses you need to succeed in your professional career.

We will help you learn the skills you need to develop a successful career

Our virtual live training sessions are the perfect mix between these options; affordable prices combined with high-quality content, plus extra resources and free certificate at the end of our training.

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Social Media Management Live Training Course


Naija Income School 4

Web Design (WordPress) Live Training Course


Naija Income School 4

Content Creation & Copywriting Live Training Course


Gain the competitive edge in your career field

Whether you are a graduate, changing careers or wanting to advance in your current role, it’s important to learn the skills employers want today. We are dedicated to helping you grow into a professional with the skills you’ll need to become an asset to any organization and create a successful career path.

What Our Past Students Have To Say

Check out what some of those who attended the Naija Income School live training sessions have to say.

Oluade Jeremiah Participant

The Naija Income School is one of the best things that happened to me. The training sessions were very informative, and easy to comprehend.

Amos Uusa Participant

The training was very informative and I learned a lot, I liked the fact that it was a live session because I was able to ask questions.

Chidoike Godswill Participant

I attended the training about a month ago and it was amazing. It really helped me find my passion in content writing. I got hired on as a content writer.

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