Naija Income School is a 100% free platform where Nigerians can gain access to Blog Posts, Forums, Online Tv and other Resources that will help them attain Financial Independence.

We built Naija Income School from ground up for the innovative and brilliant minds who are looking for ways to grow and develop new businesses that will define the next phase of Nigeria. Our platform isn’t restricted to any particular Niche. We embrace any and every idea that’s genuine and developable. Whether it’s digital marketing, agriculture, ecommerce and the likes. Whatever ideas you have, that are guaranteed to generate income and create financial freedom, bring it on board. 

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Who are we?

 We are a Platform that Comprises of an Online Community, Blog, Job portal, and an Online TV.

From the Founder

Have you ever heard of the saying; “two heads are better than one”? Perhaps you have this idea of the big picture in mind? Well if you are passionate about starting a new business or you are simply looking for ways to develop high income skills or you are looking for avenues to share your success stories in a way that would inspire others, Naija Income school is the Platform made just for that. Learn, share and sell valuable resources in form of blog post, videos, online courses, downloadable products and more at no cost!
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Onakan Oluwasegun
Founder Naija Income School