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Creating Irresistible Addon Packages in Affiliate Marketing (Step by Step Guide)

In this article, we are going to be considering the various kinds of addons that will assist in enhancing your affiliate marketing business; on a case by case basis to see which addon fits perfectly into the particular product/ service you are marketing.

Creating Irresistible Addon Packages in Affiliate Marketing 

What many new affiliate marketers have problem with is precisely what type of bonus package content to offer as incentive to those who buy through their affiliate link. Getting to know exactly what will tempt and convert into customers.

The reality is, the better you know your market, the much easier it will be to develop bonus items that will interest your prospects. There’s no navigating it; you need to recognize what interests them so you can profit from it.

So, begin by investigating your particular niche. Search for what sort of products are actively being offered, and are still in demand, and afterwards develop a strategy to do the same.

Visit as many niche-related online forums as you can, explore social media, in addition to your favourite online markets (mainly the ones you intend to utilize).

If you are in the weight loss niche and are promoting fitness products and guides such as videos, work-outs and healthy eating meal plans, consider creating a short recipe booklet that offers additional recipes that’s specific to that.The secret is to give incentives that extends the worth of the products you are trying to promote.

Here are a few ideas to begin with:

Promo codes

Consider offering coupons on other products or services in your niche. Not only will this reward those who act quickly, but it will implement a sense of urgency into your offer.

Commitment Program

Good affiliate marketers always have programs in place that results in continual flow of repeated buyers and have made it a habit to reward their audience every time they make a purchase via their affiliate link. You can easily establish something such as this within your space effortlessly just by keeping a data source of users that have confirmed to have bought through your links in the past. Send out an e-mail to them after every purchase and provide them something of value in return.

Video Contents

Videos are some of the most effective ways of engaging with people generally, specifically when buying products or information that needs them to follow a set of instructions before they can see the outcomes of what they bought. Think about creating a value added video content based around the main product you are promoting as well as provide it to those who buy via your referral link.

Hosting a Webinar

Think about hosting a Webinar in order to provide added details concerning the products you are promoting. Not only will this help in increasing the interest of your audience, it’ll also help in building you a brand that people in your niche can recon with.

Provide Detailed Reviews

There is absolutely nothing more effective in a sales funnel than a well-written, in-depth testimonial that lays out whatever a possible buyer need to learn about an item. Individuals who are on the fence regarding spending their hard-earned bucks require as much information as feasible. They wish to be guaranteed as well as to understand that the items they purchase are genuine, as well as will help them accomplish their desired need. So, you ought to always have an extensive, thorough review for any item you intend to promote. Post it on your blog as well as on social networks, paid ads and of course, your subscriber list.

Evaluating Products as They are

Evaluations are thought about incentives since they help inform prospects right into making sound buying decisions. Not every affiliate marketer will certainly make the effort to create testimonials for the items they are advertising so doing this will aid to set you aside from the competition. People will certainly thank you for it!


If you want to achieve even more levels of success, develop your own study and reveal to audience what the item provided for you (and also how it can help them likewise). Studies are effective advertising and marketing tools that help educate individuals while assuring them that the item does as it guarantees.

Giving Access to Your Membership Site

Amongst the most effective methods of luring potential buyers into buying through your referral link is by supplying free access right into a membership site that serves as a resource for some of the things they will be needing. This site will serve as a hub for every one of the tools you market also as a reliable source for information while helping you stay in contact with your audience.

Rewards Incentives Strategies

You can directly utilize a tool such as Elementor to produce loads of warm reward incentives for your prospects while taking advantage of their drag & drop page builder that gives you various designs for you to select from. This tool is really user-friendly and you can design as many landing page as you want for all the products you are marketing.

You can additionally, utilize Elementor to design your sales pages as you can very easily have your page tailored to your taste. You can simply drop in on-page elements, select the benefits you wish to include from your library and save the page. All changes are immediately reflected so you can modify any area you want on the fly.

And as you know, promoting your sales funnel is where the money’s at. With a platform like WordPress, you will be able to integrate social networks sharing buttons which means you can immediately make available your offer to all your followers and buddies, drawing traffic to it right away!


In Summary,

The most effective bonuses are even more important than the product itself. Your deal needs to show clear value as well as be an outright no-brainer to those that are thinking about buying via your ref link.

Constantly go in the direction of creating a good deal that enhances the value of any product you trying to market as an affiliate. Make the deal one-of-a-kind and special in some way, as well as whenever feasible.

Personally developed products are great types of package that you can use as high-quality incentive, bundled as bonus package for your users.

Interviews, webinars, books and video training are all extremely sought after rewards that will make the most of the value you are giving to your audience to make you stand out in the affiliate market.