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Harnessing the Power of Social Media and Email Marketing to Promote Your Blog

When it comes to setting up your blog, the first thing you need to do is make sure your blog setup in such a way that promotes visitor engagement, triggers visitors into taking a pre-conditioned action in other to ultimately help you in your quest towards building an active user base. First things first, let’s talk about building up your email list as well as your social media following.

Below are some of the crucial things to put in place:

– Ensure your readers can easily find you on the various social media platforms.

– Make it easy for your readers to be able to sign up for your email list.

Bear in mind that as soon as a visitor checks out whatever write-up brought them to your blog, they will likely never ever return unless you continue to remind them about other interesting and informative contents that can be of use to them. The only method to do that is to get in touch with them outside of your blog, and the two best ways are with via social media and e-mail marketing.

So let’s discuss how to set up your blog in a way that will be engaging to your followers on social media plus email list.

Social Media Followers

Social media platforms are very important components of most successful online business. Almost every internet enabled person is on a minimum of one social media site where they visit on a regular basis.

Anyone can confidently tell you that if you aren’t on social media, your competitors are most definitely doing far better than you in that regard. Not only will social media allow you to connect with your target audience, it will also help you develop an authoritative visibility in your particular niche swiftly and easily.

As a blogger, you must ensure your blog has an online presence on all the major social networking sites, so as for you to be noticeable. Make sure to place your social media links on strategic places on your blog, such as in your sidebar, footer section, as well as anywhere else that’s relevant.

We’ll also be talking about a plugin you can use to draw attention to things like your opt-in form, special offers, social media handles and a lot more. You can use this plugin to remind people to follow you on social media in order to enhance your visibility.

Email List and Campaign

Building an email list have become a lot more essential than ever before, as blog traffic is at an all-time low. More and even more bloggers are spending their time on social media and video sharing platforms like YouTube, while spending much less time on their blogs.

Follow These Three Crucial Steps Towards Building a Successful Email List:

1. Create an incentive to lure people into subscribing to your email list.

2. Build a Unique Landing page.

3. And then promote it.

An incentive (popularly called lead magnet) is something you hand out in order to motivate visitors to join your email list. This could be any form of digital or even physical product that of value which they can get for free. Note that this product needs to be enticing enough to lure them into opting in for your email list.

The fact is, most first time visitors may likely never return to your blog after the first visit, and this is because they visited your blog with one goal in mind and once that’s achieved, they bounce off never coming back. Probably they google search an issue they were having, or noticed a web link to your content on social media sites and thought it was interesting. Once they’ve viewed the content that brought them to your blog, then what?

That’s why it’s so crucial to capture their email address, or persuade them to follow you on social media. As soon as you do this, you have the potential to call that individual whenever required, such as when you have new content readily available on your blog, or you’re running a special deal or promo.

One of the most effective ways of building your email list is by creating ebooks that concentrates on a detailed topic.

Think about your users as well as what type of difficulty they may have that you might help them resolve with a cost-free report. Write up a guide that explains just how to do it and also utilize that as your lead magnet. No matter what niche you are in, you should always write contents that addresses an issue and also aids your visitor to achieve their goals.

When creating contents for your blog, you should dwell on 2 key areas:

1 Educate.

2 Empower.

Every article on your blog should follow one or both of the above listed strategies. If you are composing how-to type of articles that provides your readers with a step-by-step process to finishing a task, or accomplishing an objective, you are informing them. If you create an article that supplies understanding such as a personal tale of success, case studies, or motivational-style blog posts, you’re encouraging your target market.

Content that either informs or equips is the simplest method to produce articles that thrives. This implies that you’ll be able to encourage visitors to come back to your website again in the future as well as to sign up to your feed or newsletters. It’s likewise among the simplest ways to develop share-worthy material as well as to position yourself as an authority in your market.

An additional thing to take into consideration when writing articles for your blog is to focus on evergreen materials. This way the blog content you upload today should still matter months from now so it does not come to be obsolete swiftly. This will lower the time you spend revising or changing content that no longer supplies value.

Begin by creating content that links to top 10 authority blog sites in your niche market, and then invest a bit of time examining the sort of content they are offering, specifically those that have a high degree of engagement.

Try to find points like:

– Frequently asked questions uploaded by your target market.

– Posts with a lots of reader feedback.

– Articles with the highest possible number of social shares.

High quality, helpful and one-of-a-kind blog content is essential to your blog’s success. It’s what creates the foundation for your whole objective, however it is also the driving force behind transforming that traffic into dedicated readers.

Concentrate on creating high quality contents on your blog and prioritize that above anything. You should intend to have 5 to 10 pillar posts before starting to drive traffic to your blog. That will certainly provide your visitor’s adequate reasons to come back to your site as well as to leave a favourable perception to your target audience.

When it pertains to the length of your content, search engines like longer articles that are of good quality and detailed enough to meet the needs of users. So sure your contents are between 1000-1500 words in length.

Think this is tough to do?

It’s truly not. Start out by developing a summary for every single content on your blog and after that include pictures, bullet points and also sub-headers that break your contents into size able amounts.

Whenever feasible, attempt to compose how-to or step-by-step type of articles. As they are not just easier to compose, they’ll also provide actionable details that your readers will certainly fall in love with.

Do not be afraid to connect to various other bloggers! Not only is this a wonderful way to provide extra value by assisting your visitors to various other resources that may help them, but it’ll make it simpler for you to jump on the radar of an authority bloggers in your niche.


The goal is to impress your readers so much that they come back to your site time and again due to the fact that they know you supply worth, and are a reliable source of information.