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    April 3, 2020 at 1:14 pm

    1. Please post only in the related forums, and also do not thwart threads by publishing off topic.

    2. Do not abuse, bully, deliberately insult/provoke, fight, or try to cause harm to any of Naija Income School’s members.

    3. Do not endanger, sustain or DEFEND violent acts versus anyone, people, race, animals, or group (e.g. rape).

    4. Conversations of the art of intercourse is prohibited on NIS NG.

    5. Do not publish pornographic or revolting pictures or video clips of any kind of Naija Income School.

    6. Publishing of adverts or affiliate links and adverts are not allowed.

    7. Don’t THREATEN or do anything that’s damaging to the safety and security, success, or track record of Naija Income School.

    8. Don’t publish false info on Naija Income School.

    9. Don’t utilize Naija Income School for illegal acts, e.g rip-offs, plagiarism, hacking, incitement, advertising secession.

    10. Don’t intrude in the privacy of anyone e.g. by publishing their personal pics, details, or having conversations with them without their permission.

    11. Do not develop disruptive articles with: ALL WORDS BOLD/ massive font dimensions/ ALL CAPS/ distracting pictures, etc.

    12. Please report any kind of blog post or topic that breaches the guidelines of Naija Income School using the contact us form.

    13. Please browse the forum prior to creating a new topic on Naija Income School.

    14. Do not try to upload censored words by misspelling them.

    15. Don’t advertise unethical financial investments like betting, HYIP, MLM, FOREX, binary options, and cryptocurrencies on Naija Income School.

    16. Do not spam the forum by marketing in the wrong places or posting the exact same content many times.

    17. Do not utilize alternate accounts to access Naija Income School after being banned. If you do, see to it that we don’t discover.

    18. Issues to or versus moderators should be sent privately. Please do not disobey, disrespect, or insult anyone (we are all grown ups).

    19. Please use words appropriately when you publish, as well as try to make use of ideal grammar and punctuation.

    20. Don’t ask Naija Income School members for call details (e-mail, phone, whatsapp no) or financial investments.

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