7 Crucial Things To Look For In A Social Media Manager

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The Internet has drastically changed the way business is done and information is disseminated. Today’s businesses can’t survive without taking advantage of the power of social media to reach their customers and for business partners to reach them too. 

The Internet has also made it easier so that you can do your job remotely, which means that your ability to effectively manage one or more employees will be more important than ever before. And with all these changes, it’s crucial that a company focuses on hiring a social media manager who is experienced in this new world where content creation happens in minutes rather than days and where the majority of what gets shared online consists of photos, and videos, and other images. 

Here Are 7 Qualities You Should Look Out For In A Social Media Manager: 

1. They’re An Excellent Fit For Your Company’s Culture

  • They’re an excellent fit for your company’s culture.
  • Cultural fit is more important than skill set when it comes to hiring.
  • Research shows that companies with a strong culture are more successful and profitable.
  • Define your company’s culture before you start hiring.
  • Hire people who share your values, and then teach them the skills they need to succeed at their job.

2. They Understand Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an organic, non-paid way to build a following and increase awareness of your brand. It includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms where brands (or people) can create free profiles and share content. Social media marketing is different from social media advertising because it’s something you do on a platform that doesn’t require payment. For example, they can post content on Instagram instead of paying to have their posts appear in users’ feeds like they would with sponsored posts.

Social media advertising is a form of paid marketing that’s targeted specifically at social media users through the advertising features built into the platforms themselves. Because these channels are designed for paid ads – think about all of the different types of ads you see on Facebook – it’s usually easier to get quality traffic via these methods than through Google Ads or another similar service.

Social media marketing is not traditional online advertising like banner ads or pay-per-click (PPC), although some brands do use those techniques with their social accounts as well. Instead, it’s just posting regularly on whichever sites your customers use most often so that when someone searches for “best tacos” or “funny cat videos,” your name pops up at them!

3. They Are Creative Content Producers

Your social media manager should be able to create content for your business, whether it be text, images, or video. Your social media manager should be able to produce content that aligns with your brand and is relevant to your audience. For example, if you are a company that caters to teens and young adults, hiring someone who has no experience creating memes would not benefit you at all.

4. They Facilitate A Give-And-Take Relationship With Your Audience

Many people use social media as a one-way platform for their self-promotion, which isn’t inherently a bad thing. But if that’s the case for your business, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your customers, fans, and supporters using these tools. A good manager knows how to engage with an audience in a give-and-take relationship so that everyone feels heard.

This means that they take seriously any questions or comments they receive and can answer them in an authoritative and knowledgeable manner. It also means they know how to have a genuine two-way conversation with their audience rather than just posting gratuitous pictures of kittens or inspirational quotes when they run out of ideas. They understand how social media works and are able to connect with their audience beyond a superficial level.

5. They Are Strong Writers

Writing is one of the most important skills that social media managers must have. Because they’re responsible for your brand’s voice and tone, they need to be able to write well. It doesn’t matter if they produce content every day or once a week, if they can’t write clearly and concisely, it will affect their ability to do the job well.

A good writer has a strong command of grammar and spelling. They understand how to structure sentences in an impactful way. They know how to word things in a way that’s digestible to others. They are able to simplify complex thoughts into something that’s easy for anyone to grasp, no matter how complicated the topic may be.

6. They Know When To Speak Up And When To Listen

It’s important to remember that social media is a two-way street. You need to be able to listen as well as you can talk, whether it’s engaging with comments from users, or keeping an ear out for any competitive threats or opportunities.

Part of being a social media manager means knowing when to speak up and when to shut up. It’s important not to respond too quickly in the face of criticism or controversy. Many social media managers have faced instant backlash after responding quickly to negative comments instead of taking time to consider their responses more carefully. But it’s also never good if you don’t respond at all if customers reach out and they never hear back from the company they’ll most likely lose patience and take their business elsewhere. When it comes to responding on social media, there are no right answers, just best practices (like taking action promptly and crafting responses that are both compassionate and respectful).

7. They Can Help You Make Strategic Decisions

You could say a lot of the same things about marketing as a whole, but social media is unique in that it’s a way for brands to both share who they are and learn more about their customers.

A good social media manager will be able to help you build brand awareness, communicate with your customers, and also glean information from them. Social media is not just an extension of your brand: It’s also a customer service channel. Your manager should be able to take action based on listening to customers and responding appropriately.


A good social media manager can be a key asset for your business

A social media manager is a person or agency that will handle your social media marketing and advertising. The field is still fairly new, so responsibilities may vary from one individual to another, but in general, you can expect a social media manager to:

  • Schedule and manage posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Help develop your company’s brand and voice across platforms
  • Engage with followers through comments and direct messages (DMs)
  • Create unique content for each platform
  • Track metrics such as engagement rates and follower growth
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